Thursday, 25 November 2010

10/11 - BOB - Florey Building Tour

With thanks to Alan Berman who has just published 'Jim Stirling and the Red Trilogy: Three Radical Buildings'. He accompanied students and gave an introduction to Stirling- his design ethos and his relevance to designers today.

Link to Book

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

10/11 - Go See 12 - Associations

"...the slippery relationship between word and image.

AS SO CI ATIONS includes films, projections and installations with artists drawing on a wide variety of raw material from magazines and colour supplements to film theory and linguistics."

Kettles Yard - Cambridge - LINK

10/11 - Go See 11 - Curve

"During the month of September, acclaimed Mexican artist Damián Ortega set himself the challenge of creating new works in response to aspects of the daily news.

Each day he took inspiration from a newspaper; whether a news item, a photographic story or graphics selected from local, national or international press which he translated into a physical interpretation, be it a sculpture, installation, proposition or prototype for a future project. The works made over this period have become both a sculptural chronicle of this period of time – and a dynamic reinterpretation of the notion of an art commission."

Barbican LINK

10/11 - Go See 10 - Undone

"Undone is concerned with sculpture that lies somewhere on the threshold between the made and unmade. This fascinating exhibition brings together a large body of recent work by international contemporary artists and in doing so identifies a shared aesthetic that characterises the work of this otherwise disparate group of artists. These ‘homespun’ sculptures, made from readily-available materials by artists from Europe, the US and Brazil seem to reflect a new age of austerity."

Henry Moore Institute LINK

10/11 - Go See 09 - DAN HOLDSWORTH

"Blackout brings together a remarkable new sequence of images taken in Iceland by British photographer Dan Holdsworth. Occupying a space between documentary and the make-believe, Holdsworth’s photographs combine traditional analogue methods with digital processing to transform the elemental terrain of a giant glacier as it melts away. The result is an other-worldly vision of the future. Reproduced at a grand scale, the blue of sky becomes the deep black of space, while the earth appears in negative, beyond imaginable human time and space."


10/11 - MOMA - On Line Exhibition Site

Looking beyond institutional definitions of the medium, On Line argues for an expanded history of drawing that moves off the page into space and time. Comprising the work of more than one hundred artists, the exhibition charts the radical transformation of the medium between 1910 and 2010, as artists broke down drawing to its core elements, making line the subject of intense exploration: as the path of a moving point or a human body in motion (the dancer tracing dynamic lines across the stage, the wandering artist tracing lines across the land), as an element in a network, and as a boundary—political, cultural, or social.