Friday, 7 February 2014

Cowley model and public consultation

7 February 2014. Having made a beautiful model of the Cowley area, we took it to the Templars Square Shopping Centre for a public consultation event. Using the model, we asked shoppers to tell us how they spent their free time and what facilities they used in the area. This information was really useful to us in our current project to design recreation spaces for the area. Many thanks to staff and shoppers at Templars Square Shopping Centre.

Rebound urban sports day

31 January 2014. Using the hidden spaces in Cowley we invented urban sports, creating new edges, lines, walls and boundaries for play. This ranged from sports to play while waiting at a bus stop to guerrilla street games designed to bring a sudden splash of colour to monochrome places.

Found! Pitt Rivers Museum exhibition

19 October 2013. Prototypical displays designed by year 1 students of architecture and interior architecture for 24 archaeological artefacts formed an exhibition at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. Displays ranged from an interactive fishing net using a medieval bone toggle to a display of a coin fragment reflecting on the value of money now and in the past. Many thanks to Archeox community archaeology project and the Pitt Rivers Museum.