Saturday, 19 July 2008


Here are images taken at the end of year show (they are little grainy and atmospheric) - just a reminder of the Architecture Units:

Unit A - Liam Young + Colin Priest (Dakar Rally)
Unit B - Sarah Stevens + Patrick Bonfield (Boathouse)
Unit C - Igea Troiani + John Stevenson (Car Gallery)
Unit D - Melissa Kinnear + David Sanderson (SA Housing)
Unit E - Tonia Carless + Sally Daniels (School)
Unit F - Amanda Marshall + Anthong Wise (Thames Gateway)
Unit G - Toby Shew + David Greene (Airship Terminal)
Unit H - Barti Garibaldo+ Ronnie MacLellan (Sailing Club)

and remember things change from year to year!

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