Thursday, 24 February 2011

10/11 - Go See 14 - The Witching Hour: Darkness and the Architectural Uncanny

The Witching Hour, featuring the work of ten artists from Birmingham and the West Midlands, is an exhibition of photography, painting and film exploring the power of buildings to unsettle or intimidate.
Taking inspiration from a variety of buildings and architectural forms, and exploring both unusual and everyday locations, the exhibited artworks feature sites as diverse as a shadowy cemetery, looming industrial gasholders, underground tunnels, deserted houses after a hurricane, melancholy housing estates and the London streets where Jack the Ripper murdered his victims.
The exhibition explores how buildings can carry the weight of their own histories,
becoming imbued with an affecting atmosphere. It peers into the disconcerting darkness that we can encounter daily, whether in the unnerving quality of architecture at night-time, in the darkened, neglected corners of towns, or beneath the city itself. The collected works are charged with a sense of the ‘witching hour’, a time of night when peculiar things can occur.


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